Moving your loved one to assisted living?

We have great news! It can be done without the stress and anxiety you might think comes with the territory.

What's your greatest worry?

We've got you!

Transitioning someone you love to assisted living is more than a physical move.

It's an emotional journey that deserves thoughtful attention and preparation.


Our Assisted Living Transitions program will empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to support your loved one before, during, and after the transition.

Learn what to say and the right time.

Learn how to respond to difficult emotions and minimize resistance.

Say goodbye to stress and anxiety.

Embrace a more compassionate approach that works every time!

Our Assisted Living Transitions program also goes beyond emotional support to address the logistical and practical aspects of the move.

 You don't have to do this alone...let us be your guide.

Assisted Living Transitions Coaching

A life-changing event calls for expert guidance.


Private Virtual Coaching

Over the course of three Zoom sessions you and your family will receive guidance specific to your unique situation.


  • Learn what to say and do at the right time 
  • Learn the 3-step formula to responding to resistance
  • Develop a transition plan that includes logistics



Support Between Sessions

Get real-time coaching to keep you and your family moving forward between scheduled sessions.


  • Reach out to us for quick advice 
  • Gain clarity in the moment
  • Make decisions with confidence

Relationship Fundamentals Guide

Easing the transition to assisted living begins with a focus on the emotional and relational aspects of the move. 


  • Learn to be comfortable with uncomfortable emotions
  • Learn to shift into emotion and out of logic 
  • Show up as your loved one's advocate
We learned how we can better relate to and love mom during the move. Lee and Robin's guidance was phenomenal!
- Kim Cordes
I didn't know where to start when it came time to move my husband. The insight and communication recommendations were invaluable.


- Kathy Ethridge
Thank you for all you did to prepare us...learning what to say was a game-changer and made everything easier!


- Sylvia Evans

We've helped hundreds of families...we can help you too!

Get started today!