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Home Care Transitions Coaching

A life-changing event calls for expert guidance.


Private Virtual Coaching

Over the course of three Zoom sessions you and your family will receive guidance specific to your unique situation.


  • Learn important questions to ask home care agencies
  • Gain unique insight into¬†your loved one's concerns
  • Set your loved one and their caregiver up for success¬†¬†



Support Between Sessions

Get real-time coaching to keep you and your family moving forward between scheduled sessions.


  • Reach out to us for quick advice¬†
  • Gain clarity¬†in the moment
  • Make decisions with confidence

Relationship Fundamentals Guide

Easing the transition to in-home care begins with a focus on the emotional and relational aspects of the transition.


  • Learn¬†how to¬†support your loved one through difficult emotions
  • Learn the 3-step formula to responding to resistance¬†
  • Empower your caregiver¬†to establish relationship¬†before providing care
We learned how to respond in the moment and ease mom's worries. Lee and Robin's guidance was phenomenal!
- Kim Cordes
I don't think I would have survived the stress had I not found You & Me Aging and Dementia Coaching. Highly recommend!


- Jeff
We highly recommend Robin and Lee for their expertise and coaching. They gave us a deep sense of relief and comfort.


- Leslie Tarvin

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