Caring for a spouse

or partner living with dementia?  

Learn what to expect, how to reduce conflict and have time for yourself...

WITHOUT the guilt.

What's your greatest worry?

We've got you!

Caring for a spouse or partner creates uncertainty and profound loss.

 Dementia coaching provides the essential support you need.


65% of primary caregivers have their own major health challenge or pass away before their spouse because they didn't have enough support. 

You need space to openly express your thoughts, concerns, and emotions in a supportive and understanding environment.

Our specialized marriage and dementia coaching for caregiving spouses provides strategies to manage uncertainty, cope with changes, reduce conflict, and carve out essential personal time without the guilt.


Marriage & Dementia Coaching

A life-changing diagnosis calls for expert guidance.


Private Virtual Coaching

Over the course of three Zoom sessions you will receive expert guidance specific to your unique situation.


  • Gain new insight and understanding of the changes¬†
  • Learn the 3-step formula to responding to intense emotions
  • Learn¬†how¬†to¬†manage your mind¬†in the face of any circumstance



Group Coaching

Recognizing that the journey is ongoing, our Spousal Group offers support between sessions. Whether you need quick advice, encouragement, or just want to listen and learn from others, you'll find this resource invaluable. 
  • Connect with others in your situation¬†
  • Learn tips, insights and strategies¬†
  • Alleviate feelings of isolation¬†¬†

Relationship Fundamentals Guide

Your coaching sessions include educational PDFs and step-by-step guides guaranteed to improve your communication and relationship.
  • Learn¬†to be comfortable with uncomfortable emotions
  • Learn to shift into emotion and out of logic¬†
  • Show up as your¬†spouse or partner's¬†advocate
Not understanding how to care for my wife, I made too many mistakes. Robin's coaching and advice have been invaluable to me and my family!


- Allan Sovin
Robin supported & coached me until the death of my wife from Alzheimer’s. I can't imagine getting through this without her support and guidance.


- John Razza
Thank you so much for helping me learn to choose the right words so I could diffuse the intense moments and calm my husband when he got upset. 


- Rosie Hildebrand

We've helped hundreds of spouses and partners take control of their lives...we can help you too!

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