Family Dynamics Coaching

Navigating challenging family dynamics? Making care decisions can be tough, especially with differing opinions. The good news? You can overcome these hurdles. Let us be your guide!

Enroll today to:

  • Gain insight and bridge relational gaps 
  • Make care decisions with clarity and confidence
  • Support your loved one through difficult emotions
  • Connect in new and meaningful ways
  • Reduce personal stress and anxiety 

 Our coaching package includes:

  1. Three One-Hour Private Zoom Sessions:  During your private zoom sessions we will teach you to master the art and timing of thoughtful communication so you can navigate family changes with less stress and anxiety. 

  2. Enriching Resources: Your coaching sessions include educational PDFs and step-by-step guides that reinforce what we cover during your sessions.

  3. Support Between Sessions: Our support system keeps you moving forward even between sessions. Whether you need quick advice, clarification, or a dose of encouragement, you can reach us for coaching feedback between sessions at no additional cost.


$697.00 USD