Home Care Transitions Coaching

Bringing a caregiver into the home is more than a task to be completed; it's an emotional journey that deserves thoughtful attention. Allow us to be your guide!

Our coaching package includes:

  1. Three One-Hour Private Zoom Sessions:  During your private zoom sessions we will prepare you to communicate with confidence and support your loved one's emotions at every phase of the transition. Your sessions are one hour long and you're welcome to invite family members to join.

  2. Enriching Resources: Your coaching sessions include educational PDFs and step-by-step guides that reinforce what we cover during your sessions.

  3. Support Between Sessions: Our support system keeps you moving forward even between coaching calls. Whether you need quick advice, clarification, or a dose of encouragement, you can reach us for coaching feedback through our mobile app.

You can do this without the stress and anxiety you might think comes with the territory. Enroll in Home Care Transitions Coaching today!

What People Are Saying:

We can't more highly recommend Robin and Lee for their expertise and coaching. They were a tremendous help to our family. You will truly feel a sense of relief and comfort.

Leslie Tarvin

Lee and Robin's guidance was phenomenal in helping our family navigate mom's dementia...we learned how we can better relate to and love her during this journey. We highly recommend!

Kim Cordes

$695.00 USD