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Every human being wants to feel a sense of connection, inclusion and purpose.'s the secret to bringing a caregiver into the home.


"This relationship-based program is pure gold...a fantastic tool for anyone providing care. "


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The Art of Companionship

An essential element of person-centered care is creating a social and emotional connection.


  • Learning to be a creative companion
  • Generating positive feelings through creative expression
  • Providing companionship before care



Minding Your Mindset

Stereotypes and myths affect how we show up, so approaching situations with an open mind is critical.


  • Recognizing abilities and interests
  • Opening the door to communication
  • Creating purposeful engagement 

Building Rapport

Establishing a relationship before providing care is the secret to successful caregiving.


  • Making a positive first impression
  •  Leveraging shared experiences
  •  Creating easy conversation
LESSONS 4, 5, 6

Dementia & Communication

Helping a person living with dementia feel understood and competent requires skill. 


  • Responding to repetition and jumbled words 
  • Positive expressions and conversation starters
  • Empathic listening 

Responding to Resistance

Learn the three-step formula to overcoming resistance and anxiety.


  • Shifting out of logic and into emotion
  • Supporting the person in your care through difficult emotions
  • Getting comfortable being uncomfortable 


We've Got You...So You Can Have Them!


  • Empower yourself and your caregiver 
  • Improve quality of life
  • Reduce your loved one's anxiety
  • Increase caregiver retention
  • Set everyone up for success 
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We're Lee and Robin

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What's the most important factor to consider when hiring a caregiver?

It's all about compatibility and your hired caregiver's ability to establish a relationship BEFORE providing care.

It's the #1 reason your loved one may resist the idea of bringing someone into their home.  

So, it's not enough to hope your hired caregiver knows how to engage in meaningful ways.

30+ years of combined experience in senior care and dementia care training allowed us to do what we love most.

We've built a business on teaching family and professional caregivers how to support their loved one through life's transitions.

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- Joan Walters

"This relationship-based program is pure gold...a fantastic tool for anyone providing care. "

- PK Beville

If you change nothing, nothing will change. 

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