We know the second half of life comes with surprise and change. Some good...and some that make you want to run for the hills!


When we entered the aging space in 2005 as sales directors, we were thrilled to be supporting families choosing assisted living.  

But now, almost 20 years later, when we tell you some things are going to make you want to run for the hills, we mean it!

We have been witness to the good, the bad, the lovely, the hateful, the inspirational, and the gut-wrenching unexpected.

We were acknowledged by our industry as two of the best at helping families transition.

We were recognized as out- of-the-box thinkers. 

We walked intimately with both the simple and  complex issues of aging and dementia.

If you are here, you are likely facing surprise or change.

But here’s a bit of good news… there is no need to run.

We got you!

People like you want solutions. 

You want to know you are moving in the right direction. 


We questioned the systems in place. We tried new things. 

We shifted into advocacy and dreamed big that our work in education and the non-profit world might make a difference. And some of it did. 

In our work with families, we watched, we listened and we stayed curious. 

And then we figured it out.

The most important piece in this puzzle is YOU.

And we know how to get you to the other side of whatever you are facing 

Change is the only constant. 


When it comes to solving your problem, you might be seeing there are limitations when it comes to doctors, care communities, home care providers, and even your family or friends helping you.

And when it comes to helping the person in your care...  

You know they need it, but they don't want it. 

You are frustrated by breakdowns in communication and the constant demands on your time.

And when you do make time for yourself, the guilt makes it almost not worth doing.

What You Do Matters. 


You need to be able to change as things around you change.  

To confidently make the hard and sometimes necessary decisions.   

It doesn’t come naturally.  It isn’t easy.  But it’s a skill you can learn. 

Your brain likes the familiar.

So, change feels threatening. 

It’s emotional.  It’s relational.  

It's necessary for you to show up like you want to show up for the people you love. 

You can do this....without losing yourself in the process.

If you are willing to try a few new things, and you are open to change, we promise you will make it through this next chapter of your life! 

Most of us have an experience in our life when we know something greater than ourselves is at work.


That is our story.  

Lee entered the aging space when an executive of an assisted living met her on an airplane and invited her to consider changing career paths.

Robin, when a family friend called her and said, “My business is growing so fast and I need help. Would you consider working with me?”

We laugh now at how quickly we were both called to say, yes.

Yes to the amazing opportunity to practice change.   

We are not afraid of it. 

We are good at it. And you can be too. 

If you support a spouse or partner, care for a family member, or just need a bit of guidance and direction for your own life, we guarantee our coaching services, family resources, and You & Me Fundamentals will transform your life.

Are you tired of being surprised?

Do you want to feel less anxiety and fear?

Do you want to know what to do and say when?


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