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Article - February 8, 2024

MysticMag: A Different Perception of Reality

MysticMag chats with Robin Andrews Smith. Robin holds a master’s degree in Marriage & Family Solution Focused Therapy and boasts over 20 years of expertise in behavioral healthcare, assisting  families with various challenges. In this article, learn more about common challenges individuals and families face when dealing with dementia, and how coaching addresses these challenges to strengthen relationships and reduce stress...(continue reading)

Article - November 9, 2023

VoyageAtl: Our Story

A critical skill for primary caregivers is the practice of turning some of their attention away from tasks and to-do’s and investing  in their emotional literacy for coping with change and loss. New language skills are also imperative for those who want better communication and less conflict while caregiving a loved one with dementia or aphasia. We believe that the caregiving journey is not just about managing symptoms of illness; it’s about striving to preserve dignity and well-being for everyone involved...(continue reading)