Dementia and Social Anxiety

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Many of our clients tell us they encourage their loved one to get together with friends and family, thinking it will be good for them, only to be met with resistance.

Sound familiar?

What if we told you that the reason your loved one with dementia doesn't want to be around other people isn't because they don't care about them.

That's right. It's not personal.

Dementia brings changes that can make social interactions overwhelming and exhausting for them.

It’s like living in a house of mirrors, where familiar faces and the environment become distorted.

So, while they may look the same on the outside, their experience of the world is now different.

Conversations that once brought joy can become confusing and stressful because dementia affects their ability to process words and language.

Imagine trying to keep up with a conversation when you can't quite grasp the meaning of the words.

It would be frustrating, right?

That's what your loved one is experiencing.

They feel vulnerable.

The world feels unpredictable and even frightening.

Social settings with lots of stimuli can heighten their sense of anxiety, making them withdraw and prefer being alone.

And it's not just about understanding words.

Recognizing faces, recalling names, and remembering past interactions—it all becomes challenging.

What used to be comforting now feels daunting.

So, how can you help?

Create a calm and supportive environment.

Use clear and simple language.

Give them space when they need it.

Your patience and empathy can make a world of difference.

Remember, their withdrawal from social activities isn't a reflection of their feelings towards you.

It's a response to the challenges dementia brings.

So, next time they seem distant or uninterested in socializing, recognize that it's not about you or the people they once enjoyed being around.

It's about creating a safe and comfortable space for them.

The most loving thing you can do is to meet them where they are...not where you want them to be.

You've got this. Keep showing up with love and understanding.

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