Dementia Communication Tips

caregiving tips communication compassionate caregiving dementia care Aug 01, 2021

Have you ever felt lost in a conversation with someone?

And we don't mean the good kind of lost...when you're so intrigued that you don't notice anything else around you.

We're talking about the kind of lost that leaves you scratching your head...feeling confused and frustrated.

And while you may only have to experience this once in a blue moon, someone with cognitive impairment lives it every day.


Because dementia affects more than also affects the ability to think logically and accurately process words, thoughts and responses.

This makes adapting your communication to their abilities incredibly important.

While the tips below take practice, we guarantee you will see a reduction in stress, anxiety and conflict...for both of you.

Tip #1: Communicate in 3-5 word sentences.

As dementia progresses, the person may only comprehend about 1 of every 4 words being spoken, so keep it simple.

For example, instead of saying "Let's get dressed and have a bite to eat so we'll be ready when Frank stops by this afternoon" start with "Let's get dressed."

Tip #2: Speak one sentence at a time. Pause for at least 5 seconds to give them time to respond.

This quiet space can feel awkward, but they need the time to process.

Keep in mind that the response may not be what you expect.

Do your best to interpret what they say, validate and respond.

Tip #3: Be aware of your facial expressions and maintain eye contact.

While the person may not always understand the words being spoken, your body language and facial expressions send a message...make sure it's something you would want to see.

When a person is affected by dementia, they live in a constant state of anxiety - doing their very best to make sense of the world around them.

Your efforts to adapt to their abilities will make it easier to communicate, and give them a sense of competence and comfort.

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