Why Your Loved One with Dementia Follows You

caregiver support caregiving tips May 17, 2022

Did you see the incredible 2022 Total Lunar eclipse?

If you’re a star gazer like us, you probably found it exciting and awe-inspiring…

The earth’s shadow on the moon, changing its color and brightness to something we rarely see. 

If you are supporting someone living with dementia or other neurodegenerative condition…

You might be experiencing a different kind of shadow.

We're talking about the person in your care.

  • Do they always want to know where you are and what you are doing?
  • Do they call you several times a day...even when you’re in the same house? 
  • Do they need you to tell them what they should be doing next?

This behavior is referred to as shadowing.

It's one of the most exhausting and frustrating experiences for a spouse or primary caregiver.

And, like many of our clients, you may want to know WHY they do it.

  • “Why won’t my husband let me out of his sight?”
  • "Why does my sister call me 10 times a day?"
  • “Why does mom follow me into every room and just stand there?”

The answer, in part, is that the condition prevents their brain from giving them information or direction you might sometimes take for granted.

  • The simple steps it takes to make a cup of coffee
  • Not knowing if it’s time for breakfast or dinner
  • Where to put folded laundry

People and objects that should be easily recognizable can become unfamiliar, leaving them perplexed or disoriented.

 As you can imagine…

This kind of experience creates intense anxiety and insecurity for them.

They shadow you because you are their lifeline...

And they anchor into you because they can't do it alone.

You are the one person they trust...the person whose presence helps them feel safe and secure.

The bad news is they can't change.

The GREAT NEWS is you can! 

We coach clients like you every day and prepare them to respond to challenges, like shadowing, in ways that make life better for everybody.

Not sure how coaching works? Schedule your complimentary consultation. 

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