Dementia Care and Curiosity

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Curiosity is a force that has the power to transform your life and your relationships.

In life, it can inspire a sense of wonder and exploration...

Urging you to travel, try a new restaurant, or explore other cultures. 

In relationships, it fosters a deeper understanding of others' emotions and experiences...

Leading to deeper connections and more enjoyable interactions.

Here's how it works:

When someone does something you don't understand, like, or agree with, it's easy to judge them.

You form an opinion or belief based on limited information or pre-conceived notions.

When you're curious, you want to learn more...

You want to understand the other person's perspective and motivation.

This is especially powerful when you're caring for someone living with dementia.

Let's be honest...

When the person in your care behaves in unexpected ways, it's easy to judge them.

You might think to yourself they're "stubborn" or "resistant".

And because your thoughts create your feelings, it can leave you feeling frustrated or angry.

On the other hand, you can choose to be curious by asking yourself "I wonder why...or what if...?"

When you do this, you're giving yourself and the person in your care a reprieve.

Instead of an automatic reaction, you're more likely to respond thoughtfully and creatively. 

It's a fact that dementia changes how people perceive and experience the world around them.

So, when they say or do something that surprises you, instead of judging...

Stay curious.

It has the potential to soften the edges and turn caregiving into an experience of connection, deeper understanding and personal growth.



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